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New Zealand Golf 1871 to Today

A quick summary of how golf and golf clubs started in New Zealand and where it is now.

A Bit of Kiwi Culture

About to visit New Zealand and wondering what people here will be like? Wellington is a melting pot of different cultures and great people.

Health Benefits of Golf

Golf is not only a good time, but can also have all kinds of health benefits.

A Month of Fun, Laughter and Lots of Golf!

If you had the option, would you prefer to shoot a fantastic golf shot every ten shots or play very average shots all the time, but straight

Golfing Etiquette - Part two

Part two of Steve's Golfing Etiquette segment while on the golf tour. Today Steve tells us a bit about how to let faster groups through.

Golfing Etiquette

Some thoughts on Golfing Etiquette from tour leader Steve Lynd at Wellington Golf Tours

Spreading the word

Getting the SEO to work for us to get the word out to you about our new golf tours in Wellington.

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