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Health Benefits of Golf

(by Gerrit van Rooyen, writing for Wellington Golf Tours)

People enjoy a game of golf for all kinds of reasons. It might relax them, get them out with their friends (or a needed break from the family), or they enjoy the competitiveness of the game. An added bonus, however, is the number of benefits playing golf can have on your health.

Physical Health

Come grab some clubs for heart health!

Obviously, golf is a sport and a form of exercise. It may be a slower-moving sport than say soccer and not as demanding as rugby, but it is exercise none-the-less. It’s particularly good if you are walking the greens. If you’re playing an 18 hole game you’re likely to be walking almost 10 km (depending on the course). This equates to burning around 1,400 calories. Not only does this help keep you trim, but is excellent for your heart health.

Mental health

Being physically active is great for mental health in and of itself. So is just being outside. Everyone knows how good a bit of sun is for enhancing your general mood as Vitamin D, which our bodies create via direct sunlight, helps put you in a better mood. Just getting yourself out of the office, or house, makes you feel great too. Few things are as beneficial as taking a break from it all and getting out and seeing green. The benefits don’t stop there though.


Golf is great for brain health as it is a sport that requires focus and attention. This mental stimulation keeps our brains active as we get older and may help to offset mental deterioration.

It’s great for our well being as well. Having something to keep our mind focused keeps it away from negative thoughts. It can reduce stress and anxiety and has even been used as a form of therapy for PTSD. Making golf part of your weekly routine gives you something to look forward to as it can be both competitive or relaxing, depending on your needs that week.

Lack of Injuries

All sports, or anything even remotely active, has its risk of injuries. Golf, however, is very low on the risk scale compared to most other sports. This is one of the reasons you see people of all ages out on the golf course. Sure, you could step wrong and twist an ankle or even get hit by a ball, but your risk of going to the hospital after a game of golf is very low. If you want to avoid injury altogether, you could stay home, but where is the fun in that?

Besides, slipping in the shower might be riskier than playing a round of golf, as being home is for most, statistically a more dangerous place!

Social Health

We are living in a world where in-person social interaction is not as common as it once was. We spend far too much time socially through a screen. Golf is a great opportunity to get out there with friends and enjoy an activity together.

Golf is a great activity to socialise over. Unlike other sports, there are plenty of opportunities for conversation during the game. Having a weekly game set up with friends is a great way to make sure you stay connected with them, as it is so easy these days to lose touch.

Social Golf: Photo by Edewaa Foster on Unsplash

Furthermore, if you are from out of town, joining Steve on one of his tours means you get to meet a genuine Kiwi and learn a bit about what Wellington has to offer in terms of culture, food, and sights.

Play for your Health

If you are a golfer already and love the game, great! You are getting these benefits without realising it. If you are sitting on the fence and you want to spend the time and money on a new hobby, consider all these things and how playing golf just might change your life in a healthy and fun way.

The clubs, trundlers, and courses are ready! Steve looks forward to taking you around to see the sights of Wellington and to walk a few greens.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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