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Behind the scenes at Wellington Golf Tours

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

How Wellington Golf Tours started...

Hi, my name is Gerrit, a Graphic designer originally from South Africa, now living in New Zealand.

Just over two months ago I was approached by Steve with an idea. Steve and I come from totally different worlds and backgrounds, and I respect his way of thinking as does he mine. Even though he is the genuine Kiwi guy and I am more of a computer geek we seem to get along well!

Steve is well-travelled and loves meeting new people and seeing new places. Very much more an extrovert where I am an introvert. My wife and I always marvel at how everyone we meet seems to know Steve and always has something good to say about him. So, when Steve approached me with his idea to start his own business, I did not have my sceptical hat on as I usually do when people pitch to me to help design their products or websites. Steve wanted to create a one on one tour for groups and individuals where he could take them around Wellington and enjoy a round or two of golf with them. He told me that he wanted to be a tour guide, showing people the true colours of New Zealand, and specifically Wellington while sharing his passion for golf and a good day out.

That was it, simple and to the point. Steve wanted a website so people can find him, a logo that had the number 5 on it and we started from there. I knew there would have to be a lot more to do than that, but we took it one step at a time. Steve was open about not being tech-savvy, but he quickly learned how to use Instagram and Facebook to further promote his business. I was happy to show him the ropes as he was eager to learn and respected all my input about how to approach the marketing side of the business.

Steve's excitement for the project was infectious. After he saw the initial mockup of the site and logo I could see he was happy with the work and wanted to go on full steam. We started working on any kind of promotional material we could think about, from banners to flyers, even creating decals for a trailer he would later use to transport the tour groups' luggage to and from their destinations.

As a designer who loves my work, I want things to look good and I know things can take a little time to develop. Steve is very much a "get things done quick but right" kind of guy, and he was very patient when I was not happy with a particular design. He took my word for it when I said things could look better and it really felt good working for him. That being said, we did get everything done in under a month (possibly due to the relaxed but motivated work environment!) and it all culminated with the trailer being finished and Steve heading to my home the very moment it was done to show it off.

A proud moment for Wellington Golf Tours!

Since then, I have been working behind the scenes doing the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) stuff while Steve works the face of the company, meeting with anyone he can to promote his and their business. I am actually quite impressed with how many companies now display the Wellington Golf Tours logo and link on their websites. Especially for only being live for about a month. You might also see his flyers up at hotels and even a few banners around the place. Few people I have worked for in the past have cared about their business as much as he does, so I am sure it will be a great success over the years to come.

Wellington Golf Tours has since had its first international visitor, the Instagram page is lighting up and they are on the first page of Google, with a Google business page, a Tripadvisor tour set up, even an entry at

While you might not see me post a lot in the future, Steve will be posting weekly about all things golf and other topics, so feel free to ask him (and me) anything you would like about the business or anything else for that matter! We are both easy to contact and if you would like to contact me directly about design-related things, I do have a portfolio website you can visit at this link.

I hope you have a great day further and when you do go and visit Steve on one of his great kiwi golf tours, I look forward to hearing all about it!

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