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Getting back into the swing of things

Hello again everyone! We are happy to announce that Steve is back in business and will be organising tours under the level 2 regulations

Know the Greens

Whether you are new to golf or just never really got a handle on the terminology, join me on a journey exploring the different courses.

Famous Caddies

A few top caddies and a look into what they bring to the great game of golf.

Two Cups of Golf

A few words on the Ryder and President's Cup and what I learned about them.

Steve's player picks

In this post, I’m going to explore some of Steve’s favourite golfers.

2020 Trends

As we start a new year, I’d like to speculate about what trends we are seeing that will influence the sport of golf in 2020.

Benefits of the caddy

A quick word about caddies, sometimes the unsung heroes of many a good golf game.

Weekend Adventures

Part two of finding some good places to go around Wellington.

Weekend Adventures

Finding the hidden gems close to Wellington starts with Cape Palliser and Martinborough.

Golfing Tech Talk - The Future

A reflection on the technology advancements I discovered over the last few weeks in the world of golf.

Golfing Tech Talks - Episode 1

First in a series of quick findings in the world of golfing technology. Today, tools to help with your swing.

Some Genuine Kiwi Treats

A quick word on some genuine Kiwi treats you should grab a few of on your next tour with Wellington Golf Tours.

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