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Wellington Golf Tours day one and going live

Wellington Golf Tours hits the ground running with tours ready to go when you are.

Wellington Golf Tour genuine kiwi experience
Rustic Wellington Golfing Experience

A Few words from Steve

Hi, Steve Lynd here, Tour leader and owner of Wellington Golf Tours.

I created Wellington Golf Tours to offer to you a rustic golfing tour in Wellington that truly showcases the genuine kiwi experience. There are plenty of tours on offer with options to completely build a tour experience with me depending on your tastes. Pass some of Wellington's greatest sights along the way to some of the iconic Wellington golf courses. This all culminates with the unique home visit overlooking the Majestic Wellington Harbour to really finish the day off with style and relaxation.

Spot me around town

Wellington Golf Tours trailer. Images created by KittandaDesign
Newly printed trailer ready to go!

Thanks to my friend at KittandaDesign for designing a bunch of promotional media, this website, and the decals for the trailer. All set up and ready to take you on your perfect golfing tour in beautiful Wellington New Zealand.

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2 комментария

Gerrit van Rooyen
Gerrit van Rooyen
26 авг. 2019 г.

Excited to have had part in helping this great business idea take off!


22 авг. 2019 г.

Great tours, well worth spending the day relaxing and playing golf with good people!

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