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Terms and Conditions

Wellington Golf Tours prides itself on providing you with a fun day out, with all the necessary safety precautions. Steve has a clean passenger driving license and no police records.

We believe in offering quality tours that will add value to your holiday and are great value for money. 

Please take some time to read the safety brochure, either here, or the physical copy when collected by Steve.  

By booking a tour with Wellington Golf Tours you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1) Bookings

  • Any contract set up between Wellington Golf Tours and yourself will be subject to New Zealand laws and standards. 

  • Bookings need to be made through the booking forms in the Tours section by clicking on the BOOK NOW link or through the Contact Form at the bottom of the main site.

  • Any bookings must be made through contact with an official representative of Wellington Golf Tours and are only officially confirmed upon receipt of payment received and confirmation sent to you.

2) Payments

  • Payment must be made in full within 48 hours of the confirmed booking unless the booking was made on the day of the tour.

  • If the booking is made on the day of the tour, the payment needs to be done before the tour starts. This can either be done in person or through proof of transaction when picked up.

3) Refund policy

  • Should the tour be cancelled due to weather, the total balance minus a 15% administration fee will be refunded. 

  • Should you cancel given 24-hour notice or more, the total balance minus a 15% administration fee will be refunded. 

  • Should Wellington Golf Tours cancel the booking for any other reason, a full total balance of the tour will be refunded. 

4) Participant requirements

  • Wellington Golf Tours ask that all participants make us aware of any specific requirements they might have. This includes, but is not limited to, dietary requirements, medical requirements, or anything else you feel might make your stay with us more enjoyable. 

  • Wellington Golf Tours will do it's best to fulfil these requirements to make your tour a safe and happy event. 

  • In the event that we cannot accommodate a requirement, Steve will inform you during the booking process and discuss alternatives.

  • Wellington Golf Tours does not permit smoking in the pickup vehicle. Stops can be arranged if needed. Smoking regulations at each golf course will be discussed upon request.

5) Travel arrangements

  • It is your responsibility to inform Steve when you need to be picked up or dropped off so that we might make the necessary travel arrangements.

  • Wellington Golf Tours will take all steps we deem necessary to ensure you get to and from your tour on time. 

  • In the event that there are delays to your schedule before or after the organized tour, Wellington Golf Tours will not take any responsibility for lost money or time. Wellington Golf Tours will, however, do everything we can to help you organise alternative travel arrangements.

6) Injury waiver

  • Wellington Golf Tours will take all steps to ensure the safety and comfort of the participants of the tours. In the unlikely event of injury where the participant did not exercise judgement and care for themselves and those around them, Wellington Golf Tours reserves the right to waive all responsibility of actions by the participant that leads to any injury or death. Wellington Golf Tours will attempt to assist in any way they can during such an event. 

7) Disclaimer

  • Wellington Golf Tours has made all reasonable efforts to check the accuracy of all information contained on our website. Wellington Golf Tours cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions that may appear on the site. 

8) Complaints

  • Any problems during the course of the tour should be brought up with Steve immediately so that we can find a solution for you. 

  • Written complaints need to be done within 28 days of returning from your tour and should include your booking number and any relevant information. 

  • Any disputes that might arise will be governed under New Zealand law and both parties shall submit to the jurisdiction of the New Zealand Courts. 

9) Data Protection

  • In some cases, Wellington Golf Tours will need to ask you for personal information. Examples being dietary requirements, disability/medical requirements, etc. This information will be kept strictly confidential by Wellington Golf Tours and will not be shared with any third parties.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing some laughs and excitement!


Tour Leader

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