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Golfing Etiquette

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

I feel this blog will be a great way for me to let you all know a little about me as well as give you a few of my thoughts on golfing and travel around Wellington. I will be writing a weekly segment that will be sent out to all subscribers of the site. I am very open to feedback so please let me know what you would like to see on these posts.

Golf is a great day out and with a bit of thought to your fellow players it could be even better. If we treat each other as we would like ourselves treated on the course, I feel everyone wins! With that in mind, I want to start a little segment on golfing etiquette so that anyone, seasoned golfer or first timer, can enjoy their time on tour with me.

Steve's Thoughts on Slow Play

Sometimes it can be a hard choice what to do, when to do it, but here are my thoughts on it.

What is a call up hole?

A call up hole is normally around Par 3. Everyone in the group gets to the green and mark their balls. The group should then get their bags and carts to the back of the green and then call up the group behind you. Once you have all teed off, you finish putting out and move to the next hole.

When do you decide to let a group pass you and how many players do you choose?

In my opinion, it doesn't really matter how many are in your own group or how many are in the passing group. If you are obviously slowing them down, then common sense says let them pass. It might hold you up 5 minutes and save them 30 minutes.

Next week

Lets talk a bit about strategy on how to call groups through. If there are any specific etiquette questions leave a comment and I will make it part of the next post.

Have a great weekend and see you on the green!


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