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Golfing Etiquette - Part two

Wellington golf tours is proud to bring you part two of the ongoing series of golfing tips for making the day with us and those around you more enjoyable.

Today I want to talk about how to let faster groups through.

This will mean there will be less time wasted on the golf course by both you and the faster group. If you have lost a fairway, either to the group in front, or if the group behind is waiting on the tees. It's time to let them pass.

The Kiwi golf experience is about fun, laughter, and treating people how you would expect to be treated.

These are my suggestions on how to let groups through, to enable faster play with as little disruption to your own golf game as possible.

Point one

  • Tee off and get all golf trundlers, players, and bags to the side of the tee box.

  • Let the group behind you then tee off.

  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES walk up the fairway alongside the group you have let through. This will just put pressure on them as they will be unsure of your intentions and who should play the next shot.

Point two

  • The last rule can be broken only if one of your group's tee shot is in trouble. For example, if they are in a hazard, or a tree, then let the other group know that you are walking up with them to find your ball, making it clear you are waiting for them to take their second shot.

Point three

  • Let the group pass and wait for them all to play their second shot.

  • Proceed up to your tee shot.

  • Ensure that you do not play your second shot on a par 4 if the group in front is still on the green. Common sense prevails.

Point four

  • If you are on a par 5 and in the middle of the fairway, playing your shot and able to call a group through, do so.

  • Simply get all your players, golf trundlers together in a group, out of the way and call them through.

  • Be sure to keep an eye out for their shots. Be safe and help them to pass quickly and safely.

Point five

  • So how many players should you let through?

  • My answer is simple: If you are holding any number of players up, call them through.

My golf tour is a great day out. The genuine kiwi home with the Worcester collection is waiting to be seen, alongside that magnificent harbor view of Wellington.

Have a great weekend and remember it's all about the golf!

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