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Wellington Golf Tours' first international guest arrives!

My guy came from London on a business trip for three nights. He was talking to his wife about what he was going to do Sunday afternoon in Wellington on his own.

She looked up my website in London and thought this would be great for her husband.

Wellingtongolftours will show you the sights of the Capital, play golf with you, and supply Taylor made clubs, electric trundlers, and pick you up and drop you off at your Hotel.

He emailed on Saturday afternoon and luckily enough I was free Sunday so we arranged to

do the Hotel Tour and that I would pick him up 12.30 on Sunday.

Well, that night it poured down. In the morning it was still raining. I thought my guy would cancel on me, but he looked at the long term weather forecast and it said it would clear. Game on he said, I want the Kiwi experience.

The weather in the afternoon cleared exactly as the weather forecast said it would. Sun no wind and best of all an empty golf course. We had a match-play competition which I ended up winning three up with two to play. I think if it was 36 holes I would have been beaten. Course knowledge helped a lot.

The course played tough, it was a thinking man's game, he said, streams, lakes, trees, but as my international guest said that’s what we are here for, to be tested.

The greens were in good shape, after all the rain. We both nailed a couple of great puts to win the hole and that’s what it is all about.

One other highlight was the week-old twin goats frolicking by the lake, a sight to remember. Young carefree, full of energy and fun. Enthusiastic about life. The electric trundlers did a great job on the wet fairways and the clubs were happy to be out there.

Bring on the summer and remember always go around with your eyes open looking for


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