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Golfing Tech Talk - The Future

Lately, I have been talking a bit with you about the modern advancements that have been happening in golf. It all seems quite futuristic, which did get me thinking... what does the future of golf look like?

It seems such a traditional game, but golf is moving forward as quickly as most other sports and leisure activities. Some of these advancements seem to come right out of a science fiction novel.


Do you hate it when people drive their carts on the course leaving tread marks behind? Forget that nonsense. Who needs wheels in the future when you can have a hover cart? Seems far off, but there is already a very expensive early model out there. Imagine being able to drive over sandtraps and water hazards, not damaging the course one bit. I just hope it will look way cooler than Bubba Waston’s. In the meantime, there are plenty of alternatives to traditional carts, like Segways or golf boards (motorised scooter).


Golf courses will obviously become much more efficient, as technology makes everything more efficient. There are many possible changes we could see on the course.

In need of a refreshment while on the seventh hole? No need to hoof it back to the clubhouse. How about using an app to order and having a drone fly your snack out to you? It’s not that far off from the mini self-driving carts they already have already in California while the drones are being tested out in other locations in the states.


Why carry 14 clubs when you can carry 4? All you need is a driver, wedge, iron and putter. The different sizes? Well, each will be completely adjustable. How? I couldn’t tell you. It’s the future, but as soon as someone develops it, I am sure many golfers will give it a go!


There would be lots of useful applications for hologram tech on the golf course. You could play alongside a friend from a different country on two different courses. Hell, you could play alongside Tiger Woods (or at least feel like you are) using historical footage. You could even use it for training. Imagine that you take a 3d video of yourself hitting the ball and send it off to a trainer. They can then manipulate that video to correct anything you did wrong so you have a video of you taking the perfect shot. Then all you need to do is project that hologram, study it and you can imitate yourself until you get it just right! That’s got to be a lot better than imitating someone with a different body from you.

Golf Balls

Tired of losing your golf balls? Why not have them microchipped? Once you hit that stray shot too into the woods just pull out your phone and track it down through GPS. I think they’ll have to get that cost way down to make it worth it, but tech is getting cheaper and cheaper.

Virtual Reality

Look, you can already play golf virtually or through mixed reality. I’m sure it’s not the same as being out in the fresh air. But in the future, full-sized golf courses may be harder to come by as the need for land increases with the rising population. For those that live in largely populated cities that are spreading out further, virtual golf may be the only way to play outside of holidays. I’m sure it will only get more realistic and satisfying to play as technology improves.

How do you think golf will change over the next ten or twenty years? What kind of technology would you like to see?

From everyone at Wellington Golf Tours, we hope you have a great weekend, wherever you might be.

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